Privacy and Security Policy

According to the General Regulation on Data Protection, (EU) 2016/679) 1. Processing of Customer Personal Data (IFRS).

By filling in the login form on the website, the user leaves some personal data (email mainly if he wishes because there is a possibility not to give it).

This data is necessary for the user to be able to comment on an article and for no other reason.

The Company will process the Customer data that is necessary for the correct and correct communication and dialogue with him regarding the comments in the articles, based on the explicit consent that the Customer will give us at this stage through the completion of the form.

Types of data processing by the Company.

After the Customer completes the connection form on the website, the Company proceeds to a series of data processing such as e.g. collect, record, organize, correct, save, customize, modify, retrieve, retrieve information.

The use of these, only and clearly concerns the correct communication with the customer regarding comments on the articles published in the field blog (blog) and to avoid abusive comments and other offensive expressions. The Company carries out regular checks for the compliance of the Company , these audits are in accordance with European and Greek legislation. Also, audits are carried out and data and data are sent to the tax authorities for the purposes of compliance of the Company with its transactions with Member States of the European Union.

Duration of keeping the Customer data in a file, by the Company.

The Company will keep the Customer data for as long as the relationship of dialogue and commentary between them is maintained.

In the event that, for any reason, it is terminated, the Company will keep them for as long as is still required until the limitation period of any relevant claims has passed.

However, in any case the Company will keep the data for a period of up to one (1) year from the end of the relationship between them.

Customer rights in relation to the processing of his data.

The Customer has the following rights: the right of access (to find out what data we process, why and their recipients), correction (to correct any deficiencies or inaccuracies in the data), deletion (right to be forgotten) (deletion from our files, but if their processing is no longer necessary), restriction of processing (in case of doubt the accuracy of the data, etc.), portability (receives the personal data concerning it, and which has been provided to a responsible edited, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format).

These rights are exercised free of charge for the Customer, unless there are continuous and time-consuming repetitions where they have administrative costs for the Company, in which case the Customer will be charged with the relevant costs.

If the Customer exercises any of these rights, the Company will take all possible measures to satisfy the Customer’s request within thirty (30) days of receiving the relevant request. In addition, the Customer may at any time object to the processing. of the IFRS revoking its consent.

However, this will lead to the termination of the communication by the Company, because there can be no communication and information without the placement of the customer.

Security of the Customer’s personal data.

Data security is for the Company the maximum commitment and responsibility. For this reason, all modern and appropriate for the purposes of processing technical (encryption, anonymization, etc.) and organizational measures are applied.

Transmission of Customer data.

Customer data will not be transmitted to other parts of the Company and will not be transmitted or made accessible by legal and / or natural persons with whom, from time to time, the Company cooperates for marketing and advertising purposes.

However, the data, in the context of the operation of the Customer’s insurance contract, can be transmitted to various services, public authorities, etc.

However, in this case, these legal and / or natural persons will process the Customer’s personal data solely for the purpose of providing services to the Company and not for their own benefit, acting as processors.

It is absolutely certain that in every transmission the Company always takes every measure so that the data that will be transmitted are always the minimum necessary and that the conditions for legal processing will always be met.

Processing of Customer data for commercial purposes.

For the duration of the processing mentioned above, the Company may process the Ds